Do you remember when you first bought your batting cage equipment? Remember how clean & quiet they were, how accurate the pitches were, and how a batting stall was never closed due to the machine needing repairs?

Pro Sport Installations offers a refurbish special on pitching machines for California, Oregon, and Washington batting cages that have the older model AP pitching machines and the newer model Pastime pitching machines. Pro Sport Installations will come to your batting cage and pick up your pitching machines and refurbish them to like new. Pro Sport Installations will completely tear down the pitching machine and have the pitching machine frame, motor guard, belt guard, and chute re-powder coated to the ABC red color (for an additional fee you can choose to have them powder coated to the color of your choice).
 The powder coating process will start off by chemically stripping the parts, then they will be sandblasted so that the metal has a nice clean surface for the powder to adhere to. Once the sandblasting is done the parts will go into the oven for about an hour, this helps outgas the metal and pull out the oils and contaminants stuck in the metal pores (most powder coaters skip this step because of the extra oven time required). Once that is done a zinc powder coat primer is applied and the parts will go back into the oven for about 20-30 minutes for a half of a cure cycle. The parts are then removed from the oven and allowed to cool before applying the top color coat. Once cooled they will go back into the oven for a full cure cycle (roughly 45-60 minutes) so that the primer and color cure together and will form a better bond. These extra steps along with the addition of the zinc powder coat primer add up to a finish that exceeds the ABC finish, giving you a better product that will last longer and be more resistant to chipping and flaking off.

 Once the powder coating is done Pro Sport Installations will install the following new parts to make your pitching machine look, sound, and pitch like they did the day you bought them.

Refurbish your equipment and save money!

Compare Pro Sport Installations refurbish price to the cost of a new ABC pitching machine of $2,495.00 + shipping and you’ll quickly see the value in refurbishing your equipment. You will be satisfied with the improvements a refurbished machine does for your cage’s revenue, and your customers will love the new look, sound, and consistency of the pitches!

Don't let your equipment look like this

When it can look like this!

Pitching machine refurb is only for CA, OR, WA batting cages

BASEBALL MACHINE - $1,350.00 *

*There is a 4-machine minimum requirement to receive this special offer.
*There is a onetime fuel surcharge of $440.00
Additional parts such as coinbox, 90 degree drops, conveyor hoppers, and conveyor sorter can also be re-powder coated.
If interested ask for more details.


Available to all ABC  batting cage customers in the US. Send us your circuit board (and mercury relays if PT-4 customer) and we will install it in a new cabinet with all new bull nose strain reliefs, pitching machine/power/pinch roller/ball count cords, decals, light bulb or led lights, lens guard, and post mount bracket. If your circuit board isn't working we can give you an estimate to repair it or replace it. Call for details and pricing

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